Thailand is enjoying a boom in Chinese tourists with visitor numbers more than quadrupling over the last decade. According to the Thai-Chinese Tourism Alliance Association in February 2013, Chinese tourists are the main supplier of Thailand’s tourism industry and 3.3 million Chinese tourists are to be expected throughout this year.

With a simple visa process and Bangkok within five hours of China, it is understandable why Thailand is continuing to become so popular with Chinese tourists. Nevertheless, Thailand itself should be reason enough, with its renowned beach and island resorts, culture and history as well as its leisure and entertainment facilities.

This rise in Chinese tourism means a higher demand for holiday accommodation and holiday homes and therefore offers a great opportunity to those interested in buying and letting their overseas properties.

A recent report, ‘Travel and Tourism in Thailand to 2017’ found that the majority of Thailand’s leading hotels or hospitality companies are found in, or operate from the country’s major urban centres, particularly Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Mae Hong Son, Ayutthaya and Pattaya. The report also showed that in 2011-2012, there was a significant growth in the number of hotels recorded in Bangkok and the country’s main destination for long-stay international tourists, Pattaya.

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