Residential Real Estate Investment in Thailand For Expats

Thailand has long been an appealing choice for buyers and renters of real estate, particularly for expats based in area Asian nations, but also for those working in Middle Eastern countries, as well as European, Russian and American investors.As a result, popular island destinations like Phuket and Koh Samui are increasingly being seen as more than just holiday destinations, but also smart locations for second home investments.

As the ASEAN community prepares to launch a dynamic regional economy union to boost travel, trade, cultural exchange and economic crossover, the myriad opportunities on offer are quickly becoming apparent to private investors. Those who enjoy Thailand’s many distinct pleasures, such as the healthy cuisine, relaxed lifestyle, stunning scenery and unlimited land and marine based fun – are increasingly buying up properties.

Island villas and condominiums are fast becoming a favourite choice for property buyers due to their widespread appeal and resale qualities. Many renowned architects, builders and materials suppliers are now involved in projects throughout Thailand, which is increasingly seeing top-of-the-line brands being used in attractive Asian-themed homes and business establishments.

For those with a sense of adventure, sailing in the Gulf of Thailand, riding an elephant through the jungle or snorkeling the azure waters of the National Marine Park offer amazing experiences, as do visits to an ornate Thai temple or more modern diversions like shopping in one of the many malls, markets or fun “walking street” fairs.

It is these attractions that draw buyers to Thailand, and professional firms are now available to help find well planned, built and managed properties with quality amenities and a sense of style. With professional guidance, it can be a pleasure to make the leap from casual visitor to investor in what many analysts and observers consider an upbeat and booming real estate market.