Why Thailand Draws Overseas Investment

International corporations and private individuals alike are investing in Thailand’s commercial and residential real estate, which is a sure sign of confidence in the economy. Japanese companies on Thai soil now number over 1,350, for example, and there are also signs that Japanese real estate companies are expanding their interest and purchases in the Land of Smiles. Asian Property recently created a joint venture with Mitsubishi Estate Group, in assets the largest Japanese property firm, to develop three projects totaling 7.5 Billion Thai Baht.

In general, the indications are certainly there that Thailand real estate is drawing large scale investment from around the world, as more nationalities choose to visit, buy, invest and stay in the Kingdom. Mercer LLC’s list of the world’s most expensive cities cited Bangkok as actually becoming a cheaper city in which expatriates can live on a dollar benchmark.

Elsewhere in the country, the foreign resident community is also expanding, as is the range of amenities available to serve them. Phuket and Koh Samui now boast a choice of international schools and quality private hospitals, as well as sophisticated shopping malls, global supermarket chains and myriad in- and outdoor recreation options.

Home buyers, like the many who now choose to visit Thailand year after year, are drawn by the fascinating and welcoming culture, interesting history, delicious cuisine and appealing climate. Island’s like Koh Samui, personify this appeal. In addition to the international standard facilities on offer, foreign residents on Samui can find quiet sandy beaches, rich tropical scenery, markets full of fresh healthy food, healthy massages and skin treatments, as well as some of the best scuba diving, mountain biking, hiking and parasailing in the world.

All of the above attractions continue to draw holiday-makers from all over the world, and many of these visitors choose to invest in real estate of all kinds. Condominiums, villas and business premises with a combination of Asian style and Western amenities represent winning investments for many international buyers looking to take advantage of the many benefits Thailand has to offer.

Of course, it pays to engage the services of a professional agent when seeking out properties to buy or rent in Thailand and firms like Horizon Homes on Koh Samui continue to forge respect as an industry leader when it comes to helping investors enjoy solid financial and lifestyle returns on their investments.